Refrigerant Buyback Program

Get paid to fight climate change.

Do you have old refrigerant?

You may be sitting on some of the most potent greenhouse gases ever created: old refrigerants. These climate-warming gases are more than 10,000 times more potent than CO2 and often go unnoticed in outdated HVAC units, older cars, and other refrigerated systems. When you sell us your old refrigerant, you are ensuring the permanent destruction of these greenhouse gases.

Tradewater is the only climate-focused refrigerant buyback program in the world.

Get paid to fight climate change by selling your old refrigerants, like Freon, to our EPA-certified technicians. We purchase chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) refrigerants such as R11, R12, R113, R114, and R500.

Make an Impact

You can join the fight against global warming by destroying these potent greenhouse gases.

Get Paid to Do It

You can get paid in cash, check, or e-payments like PayPal.

Choose Your Collection Method

You can choose between local pick-up, drop-off, or mail-in options.

The only climate focused refrigerant buyback program

Join us in the fight against climate change by selling your old Freon and other CFC refrigerants through our refrigerant buyback program.

We buy Refrigerant 11, Refrigerant 12, Refrigerant 113, Refrigerant 114, and Refrigerant 500.
Contact our EPA-certified technicians to inquire about our refrigerant buyback program and recovery services.

Submit a webform, email us, or call 312-722-6681 to learn more.

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Destroying Climate Bombs

Are you familiar with the hole in the ozone layer? CFC refrigerants are responsible for the deterioration of this protective layer. Shortly after this discovery in 1987, the Montreal Protocol banned the global production of CFCs. Although it is illegal to manufacture these refrigerant gases, there are no laws preventing the ongoing use of CFC refrigerants.

We are the only company ensuring the destruction of these harmful CFC refrigerant gases before they leak into the atmosphere.

Make the world better while making money

Tradewater has prevented the equivalent of over 5.4 million tons of carbon dioxide from being released to the atmosphere. We have also invested over $32.5 million back into local communities worldwide through our buyback and collection programs. You can help us destroy even more greenhouse gases—while getting paid.

How it Works

Tradewater is an EPA-certified reclaimer with the technical expertise to handle refrigerant safely and responsibly. Unlike others who purchase refrigerant, however, we do this work solely for the purpose of fighting climate change.

We first aggregate the dangerous greenhouse gases we collect. After aggregation, we ensure the safe destruction of the gases through incineration.

By selling your refrigerant to us, you are making a positive, measurable impact on the environment. You can be sure that the gases will be destroyed and never leak into the atmosphere.
Together, we can reduce the world’s carbon footprint by collecting and destroying the most powerful greenhouse gases.

Don't have refrigerants?

If you don't have any CFC refrigerants, Tradewater offers other ways for individuals and businesses a-like to get involved in the fight against climate change. By supporting us, you are directly helping in the hunt to seek out and destroy these potent greenhouse gases around the world.

Carbon Offset Credits

Make an impact by purchasing the carbon offset credits that finance our work. Discover your emissions with our easy to use carbon calculator.

The Carbon Neutral Collective

Sign up your small business and get the tools you need to measure, manage, and offset your emissions.

The Catalytic Coalition

Learn how your company can lead the way toward responsible refrigerant management practices.
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Tradewater generates carbon offset credits by collecting and permanently destroying harmful greenhouse gases (GHGs) in the form of refrigerant gases through a safe, verifiable process. If not destroyed, these GHGs would eventually be released into the atmosphere.