Tradewater's Carbon Neutral Collective

Enabling small businesses to make a big climate impact

The Carbon Neutral Collective gives small and medium sized businesses the tools they need to calculate and offset their carbon emissions. With our Carbon Neutral Business badge, members signal to world that they're taking action on climate change.

How does the program work?

In three steps, your business can offset its entire annual carbon footprint for the year and become a Carbon Neutral Business.

Step 1: Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

Use our carbon footprint calculator to estimate the annual emissions that your business generates from activities such as facilities management, employee travel, and procurement.

Step 2: Offset Your Carbon Footprint

With your carbon footprint calculated, it’s time to offset it with a subscription to Tradewater’s carbon offset credits. We develop these credits through projects that find and destroy the globe’s most potent greenhouse gases, preventing them from leaking into the atmosphere.

Step 3: Tell The World

As a member, you gain access to marketing resources to support you in sharing your climate commitment with your customers and partners. Showcase the Tradewater Carbon Neutral Business badge on your website, social media, and product.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?
Contact us to become a member. We'd love to have a conversation about how the Carbon Neutral Collective can support your business's sustainability goals.

What does it mean to be carbon neutral?
Being carbon neutral means the net greenhouse gas emissions from all of a business's activities are zero. For most businesses, this involves buying carbon offsets. We believe businesses should commit to reducing their carbon footprint, but even with strategies in place, it will be impossible to reduce all of your greenhouse gas emissions. That’s where carbon offsets come in. Each credit you buy ensures that Tradewater destroys enough refrigerant to balance out – or 'offset' – your business's remaining greenhouse gas emissions.

How are carbon offset credits generated?
We generate carbon offset credits by collecting and destroying old refrigerants – some of the most potent greenhouse gases ever produced. Though these harmful refrigerants are banned from production, there was no plan created to manage or destroy quantities already produced. It is estimated that existing supplies of some of the oldest refrigerants are equivalent to 9 billion tons of carbon dioxide. If we do not identify, collect, and destroy them, they will leak into our atmosphere. You can read our latest white paper about why refrigerant destruction projects lead to the development of high-quality offsets that you can have confidence in.

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