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by destroying greenhouse gases

Planet FWD is the leading carbon management platform for consumer brands. For Planet FWD customers seeking Carbon Neutral certification, we are proud to partner with Tradewater to offer high quality offsets.

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How It Works

Tradewater works to collect, control, and destroy gases that, if otherwise released, would increase global warming and accelerate climate change.


Our team works with people and businesses around the globe to collect high impact greenhouse gases like CFC and HCFC refrigerants, and methane.


Once located, we ensure that these gases are safely and efficiently destroyed, preventing them from being released into the atmosphere.


We use the highest industry standards to generate high-quality carbon offset credits that are third-party verified.

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Are you interested in offsetting additional portions of your business? Use our free business carbon calculator to measure the estimated emissions generated by your business operations. Join the other Carbon Neutral Collective members and reap the benefits of becoming a Carbon Neutral Business.

Tradewater generates carbon offset credits by collecting and permanently destroying harmful greenhouse gases (GHGs) in the form of refrigerant gases through a safe, verifiable process. If not destroyed, these GHGs would eventually be released into the atmosphere.