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This credit card has a superpower.

(It destroys greenhouse gases.)

Saving the planet never paid this well before.

Every dollar spent with the Climate Impact Card destroys two pounds of greenhouse gases – while paying you 3% cash back.

Just think — you can get the extras you expect from a credit card, plus the environmental impact you didn’t think you could make.

Cash Back when you shop

Destroy greenhouse gases with every purchase

Fraud protection, enhanced security, and more

How it Works

Each purchase with the Climate Impact Card helps fund Tradewater, an organization with a mission to improve our environment by removing dangerous greenhouse gases. Every day, Tradewater representatives seek out, collect, and destroy highly potent CFC refrigerants from around the globe.

Every time you use the Climate Impact Card, we’re able to destroy more greenhouse gas – and you get 3% cash back.

Make the world better while making your world better.

The Climate Impact Card directly removes greenhouse gas with every use. To date Tradewater has prevented the equivalent of over 4.6 million tons of carbon dioxide from being released to the atmosphere since 2013—at no cost to cardholders.

Together we’re making a difference.

The Climate Impact Card has joined Intuit in its commitment to climate-positive action. Intuit’s Climate Marketplace is a significant effort with great impact, and we’re very proud to participate because we share a commitment to making our world more sustainable.

We’re all doing our part - and now you can, too.

Yes, I want to destroy greenhouse gases with every purchase.

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Tradewater generates carbon offset credits by collecting and permanently destroying harmful refrigerant gases (HFG) through a safe, verifiable process. If not destroyed, these HFGs would eventually be released into the atmosphere.