The Catalytic Coalition

A global movement to shape the future of responsible refrigerant management and destruction

The Catalytic Coalition helps companies to identify the refrigerants used within their facilities, specifically the CFCs and HCFCs that are potent greenhouse gases, and make sure that their climate commitments include responsible refrigerant management and end-of-life destruction.

Addressing large-scale refrigerant management

Increasingly, large organizations are calculating their emissions as a first step to taking long-term sustainability measures. But when making these calculations, those companies often overlook the vast amounts of high-GWP (global warming potential) refrigerants deployed in chillers and cooling systems throughout their facilities. As a result, many companies are stewards of these potent greenhouse gases, which are at risk of being released into the atmosphere - often without even realizing it.

Businesses that participate in the Catalytic Coalition gain strategic, customized, and cost-effective plans to transition their facilities’ refrigerant use to less-polluting alternatives.

How The Catalytic Coalition works:

1) Inventory Assessment

Tradewater helps participating businesses inventory the refrigerants under their control and then calculates the emissions associated with those refrigerants.

2) Strategy Design

Tradewater designs a strategy for participating businesses to convert cooling systems from those that use highly potent greenhouse gases to less-polluting alternatives. For the potent CFC and HCFCs, in particular, we prioritize strategies that orient toward the most responsible end of life solutions, namely destruction.

3) Catalyzing Change

Tradewater provides opportunities for participating businesses to bring awareness to the problem presented by refrigerant gases and to leverage their industry-leading efforts to catalyze broader commitment by encouraging others to join the effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to join the Catalytic Coalition?
Businesses in the Catalytic Coalition commit to making responsible refrigerant management and end-of-life destruction a central piece of their sustainability efforts. They work with Tradewater to complete an assessment of their refrigerant inventory, build a strategy to transition from harmful refrigerants to less-polluting alternatives, and to catalyzing change across the industry, shining a light on the threat posed by CFC and HCFC refrigerants.

What are the benefits of joining the Catalytic Coalition?
Businesses that join the Catalytic Coalition receive the tools and support they need to responsibly manage their refrigerants and be leaders in the fight against catastrophic climate change. These tools include a thorough refrigerant inventory, a customized strategic plan for conversion to less harmful refrigerant gases, and an avenue to catalyze change among climate-committed businesses.

Why should organizations address refrigerant gases?
Fluorinated refrigerants are some of the most harmful, potent greenhouse gases we must target in the climate fight. CFC-12 refrigerant (chemical name dichlorodifluoromethane, commonly known as Freon), alone, has 10,900 times the global warming potential as the same amount of carbon dioxide. A scientific review of climate change strategies, Project Drawdown, lists the control and elimination of fluorinated refrigerant gases as a top approach to reduce global warming.

You can learn more in our webinar with Greenbiz, where we were joined by Project Drawdown, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Intuit.


Does joining the Catalytic Coalition cost anything?
Tradewater customizes its approach for each company and develops a proposal that works best for their needs. The cost of this work varies depending on the size of the company, the number of facilities under management, and the goals the company sets out to achieve.

Is my company a good candidate to join the Catalytic Coalition?
If you own or control a portfolio of buildings or other facilities and are serious about fighting climate change, then you are a great candidate. Contact us for more details on the Catalytic Coalition and to learn how you can help be a leader in this important work.

Find out how your organization can be a leader in the fight against climate change through the Catalytic Coalition.