20 tons of CO2 The average monthly footprint of a person in the US
You can make an impact.

When you make a payment toward an offset through Tradewater, you are destroying some of the most powerful greenhouse gases on earth.

Together, we can fight the climate crisis, destroy harmful greenhouse gases, and offset your personal carbon footprint.

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Reoccuring over one year, this offset would eliminate the equivalent of:

  • Miles driven
  • Pounds of coal burned
  • Homes using electricity for a year
Carbon Calculator

Offset your own emissions. This calculator will customize your contribution based on your personal carbon footprint.

Calculate your footprint

The area you live in can affect your emissions.

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The type of electricity you use to power your home has an impact on your carbon footprint.


How you get around contributes to your personal emissions.


Frequency of air travel can significantly impact your carbon footprint.

Short flights under 3 hours
round trips per year
Long flights over 3 hours
round trips per year

What you choose to eat also has an impact on your carbon footprint.


You’ve calculated your carbon emissions. Now it’s time to take action.

By supporting Tradewater, you are fighting climate change by helpin us destroy some of the most harmful greenhouse gases in the world.

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