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by destroying greenhouse gases

At Tradewater, we believe that everyone has the power to fight global warming. You can do this today by purchasing offset credits that reduce dangerous greenhouse gases from destroying our environment.

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How It Works

We work to collect, control, and destroy gases that, if otherwise released, would increase global warming and accelerate climate change. Calculate your estimated carbon footprint based on your lifestyle, and purchase offset credits to make an impact!


Calculate the everyday emissions associated with your lifestyle and those in your household.


Calculate your business's carbon footprint and become a Carbon Neutral Business.


Calculate the emissions from your business and personal trips or vacations.


Calculate the emissions from a recent or upcoming event, like a wedding or conference.

Tradewater generates carbon offset credits by collecting and permanently destroying harmful greenhouse gases (GHGs) in the form of refrigerant gases through a safe, verifiable process. If not destroyed, these GHGs would eventually be released into the atmosphere.