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Learn more about Tradewater and our global efforts to reduce potent greenhouse gas emissions through our media spotlights. These features include news, articles, events, and podcasts.

Ways to save the planet: Fridge Detectives

BBC - 2021

If you want to know why they call us the “Fridge Detectives,” listen to the the episode, “People Fixing the World” on the BBC podcast.

Why Refrigerators Are So Hard To Recycle

Business Insider – 2021
On August, 2021, Business Insider featured Tradewater International’s work in Guatemala.
We follow Ecologia Total’s Angel Toledo, who, with the support of Tradewater, embarks on the difficult task of managing the refrigerant gas on scrapped fridges.

Hunt for the red canister: Climate killing gas worth searching for

Daily Sabah – 2021
Learn more about how we seek out refrigerants gases and what we do once we have them.

The best climate solution you've never heard of

BBC – 2021
Follow our partner, Angel Toledo’s journey around Guatemala City as he uncovers hidden refrigerant gases to destroy.

Sell Me Your Climate Bombs

Planet Money – 2020
Find out what we do to stop climate bombs from exploding on this episode of the “Planet Money” podcast.

One overlooked way to fight climate change? Dispose of old CFCs

National Geographic – 2019
Explore our first international project from 2017 in Ghana. 15,000 kg of CFC-12 were collected and destroyed through two projects, resulting in the issuance of more than 150,000 tons of carbon offset credits. 

Tradewater's Overview by Giving Green

Giving Green, an initiative that studies and recommends various environmentally focused projects, gave Tradewater the stamp of approval by adding us to the list of organizations worthy of support.
Giving Green states, “purchasing Tradewater offsets has a direct link to decreasing the amount of GHGs in the atmosphere.”